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NEW version of Elena IV-11/IV-12  and Alena IN-14 clock READY!

What changed? A lot of! Read below...

Elena IV-11/IV-12 version 9

Whats changed:

  • Board universal for IV-11 and IV-12 tubes. You can use IV-11(with flexible pin) or IV-12(with solid pins);
  • Micro-USB port added. Now you can power clock from your PC, powerbank, 5v power source and etc.;
  • SMD RGB LEDs for tubes backlight changed form 5050 to 3528;
  • Buttons removed. Now clock control with remote cintrol only.

Alena IN-14 version 6

Whats changed:

  • More effictive and powerful high-voltage block. At now it provide voltage from 148 to 190 volts. (IN-14 tubes requare 170V);
  • Size of board has become smaller;
  • Buttons removed. Now clock control with remote cintrol only.
  • Mini-usb port and FT232RL chip removed. At now clock can be reprogrammed with external programmer only (included in package);
  • Light-sensor removed. In this type of clock light-sensor useless, because clock haven't tube brightness adjusting;
  • RGB LEDs have more comfartable place for installing;
  • 3 instead 6 bottom LEDs now;
  • 2 pins for external devices. In next version of firmware i will add motion sensor support.