Wi-Fi Marusya IV-26 v5


* 16x Soviet IV-26 VFD tubes(made in 1989)
* 2x Soviet IV-12 VFD tubes(made in 1986)
* Full remote control
* Full control of clock via Wi-Fi
* 32bit ESP32 processor
* 12/24h time mode
* Fade leading zero
* Wi-Fi connection to PC or smartphone
* Synchronizing time and date from NTP server
* Over-the-air firmware update
* Programmable scrolling line
* High-precision onboard time chip DS3231
* Smooth routing PCB
* 1 Alarm
* IV-26 and IV-12 tubes work static mode
* Double multicolour adjustable LED backlight
* Automatic change color mode for top and bottom backlights
* Temperature / humidity / pressure sensor
* Automatic brightness of tubes using light-sensor
* 8 animations for digits
* Binary clock
* Off clock at night by schedule
* Temperature C° or F°
* Correction of temperature
* Accurate to +/- 1 minute/year
* Date in format DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY or YY.DD.MM
* Backup battery. Data is no lost when power off
* Power source - DC 12V barrel plug 5.5mm/2.1mm ( "+" inside, "-" outside)
* Consuming current - 800mA
* Noiseless work
* Dimensions of the clock in case - 322mm(W) x 88mm(L) x 135mm(H)
* Dimensions of the clock – 288mm(W) x 52mm(L) x 130mm(H)

Wi-Fi connection to clock

Wi-Fi settings Anuta IVLM-117 VFD matrix desk clock
Wi-Fi settings Anuta IVLM-117 VFD matrix desk clock

All tubes in sockets

What is on the board

What on the board Anuta IVLM-117 VFD matrix desk clock

Package include

  • - 1x Clock;
  • - 1x Plastic or wooden case (optional);
  • - 1x Remote control;
  • - 2x Battery;
  • - 1x Universal 12V, 2A power supply (AU, EU, UK or US plug);
  • - 1x Operation manual.

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Wi-Fi Marusya IV-26 Wooden case
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Wi-Fi Marusya IV-26 Clear acryl
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Wi-Fi Marusya IV-26  Without case
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