Thyratron ITS1-A clock in develop now! ^_^

I mill on my CNC board for ITS1-A tubes. Now i can make power supply for it and see power consumption. Thyratron not easy to control. It need +40V, +100V and -250V, but it's can control by simple signal directly from MCU. So... next step - fully working prototype and design concept.

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New version of board for IN-18 tubes ready! ^_^

We glad to introduce our new version of board for IN-18 tubes. Now it have:

  • ESP32 processor; 
  • Full control clock via Wi-Fi;
  • Automatic real time sync via Wi-Fi;
  • More powerful high-voltage power supply for IN-18 tubes;
  • No old K155ID1 nixie drivers anymore. Now, new HV512 nixie drivers. That is mean NOW BLUE SPOTS IN TUBES!
  • and more and more new features.

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We work on new project with IN-12 tubes ^_^

Hi! Now, when COVID impact all international shipping, we work on new project with IN-12/IN-4 nixie tubes. We not sure about design... it looks not very elegant yet. We will work on it too :-)

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New "Hourglass" animation in Anuta clock ^_^

New animation added in Anuta clock. I called it "Hourglass". On the photo current time: 10 : 59 : 18.

See video here:

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YULIA with IV-12 clock available fo sale! ^_^

At last, Yulia with IV-12 available for sale now. Price - $100 for clock with case and $90 for clock without case. As you know, main difference between IV-11 and IV-12 - pins. IV-11 have flexible pins and they should be soldered to board. IV-12 have solid pins and should be install to board in sockets. Check my design of new board HERE.

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Good news! Boards for Yulia IV-11/IV-12 received! Now, boards have beautiful blue color. ^_^


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New version of numitron IV-9 on the way! ^_^

Main changes:
- PCB smaller;
- buttons removed;
- light sensor removed.
Next version will based on ESP32 and will have Wi-Fi! ;-) 

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Final version board of Wi-Fi Anuta clock READY! ^_^

At last, final version of Anuta Wi-Fi clock ready! We received new boards right today and first of all we will assemble them and will make tests.

Full list of changes i will write a little later.

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New boards for 6 digit IV-11/IV-12 and Wi-Fi Anuta clock READY! ^_^

We happy to say we are moving on! New version of clock almost ready. Some days ago we received our frist prototypes of Yulia IV-11/IV-12 clock and Anuta Wi-Fi clock with 24x IVLM tubes.

Now, we assemble them, will make tests and if all will OK new clocks will available for sell. Seeya!

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DIY KIT of Yulia IV-11 available now! ^_^

Do-it-Yourself version of Yulia clock with VFD IV-11 tubes avaliable for purchase at last! Price - $80 with case, $65 without case.

New version of Yulia clock cooming soon ;-)

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