* 6x IN-4 Soviet NIXIE tubes (made in 1970-80)
* 2x INS-1 NIXIE separators (show am/pm and on/off of alarm)
* 32bit STM32F100C8 processor
* 15 parameters
* 12/24h time mode
* 1 Alarm
* Fade at night (increase lifetime of tubes in twice!)
* Fade leading zero
* Smooth PCB routing
* Countdown timer 99days:23hour:59mins:59sec
* Full remote control
* Anti-cathode poisoning system
* USB connection to PC (for update firmware)
* Double Multicolour led glow (independent random color leds and RGB leds under each tube)
* Adjustable brightness of RGB and AUTO leds
* RGB led (6 colors of backlight or autochange color mode)
* Adjustable high-voltage block. 150-190 volts.
* 10 modes of switch digits
* 2 modes of separator tubes work
* Nixie tubes works in static mode
* 6x Soviet K155ID1 nixie drivers in sockets
* Thermometer
* Correction of temperature
* C or F temperature format
* Accurate of clock +/- 1 minute/year
* Setup of clock accuracy
* Date in format DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY
* Backup battery. Data is not lost when power off
* Power source - DC 12V barrel plug 5.5mm/2.1mm ( "+" inside, "-" outside)
* Consuming current ~ 500mA
* Height of pcb with elements only 13 mm
* Noiseless work
* Dimensions of the board - 208mm(W) x 30mm(L) x 90mm(H)
* Dimensions of the clock in case - 240mm(W) x 38mm(L) x 90mm(H)

What is on the board

What on the board Alena IN-14 nixie clock

Package include

  • - 1x Clock;
  • - 1x Plastic or wooden case (optional);
  • - 1x Remote control;
  • - 2x Battery;
  • - 1x Universal 12V, 1A power supply(AU, EU, UK or US plug);
  • - 1x Operation manual;
  • - 1x USB-UART converter.
Package for Alena IN-14 nixie clock

Prices for Sonya IN-4

Sonya IN-4 Clear acryl
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Sonya IN-4 Black acryl
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Sonya IN-4 Without case
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